Sunday, January 22, 2012

GYOZA BAR , first look

It's no secret that I'm a big fan and friend of Guillaume Guedj and Shinichi Sato's Passage 53, my favorite restaurant in the City of Light. So it was with obvious pleasure that his new project, which he's been raving to me about for months now, has finally seen the light of day.

GYOZA BAR, located at 56 passage des Panoramas, just three doors down from the two Michelin star mothership Passage 53, is about to open its doors.

I got a little taste tonight at their private, friends only party, and am happy to say it works: great concept, superb products, good value. Think: gyoza (filled with echine de porc, i.e. pork loin from Hugo Desnoyer , mixed with yuzu kosho ( a chilipepper/yuzu mix) , garlic, ginger, and cooked up in a ravioli shell made in their upstairs lab, steamed on one side, fried on the other) , washed down with chilled Yebisu. The deco is all anthracite grey Italian wall brick, gorgeous wooden floors, and a counter seating fifteen happy diners, not to forget the oh-so-fun Toto toilet.

The gyoza, priced at 6€ for eight pieces, 8€ for twelve pieces and 10€ for sixteen pieces is a bargain. Sides of ponzu laced rice at 2€ and marinated soy salad at 1.50€ are a steal, and beers are priced at 3€ and 4€ is just damn silly (with me in the room, anyway).

Not many know that Shin is a closet gyoza master, and often the cook at parties with friends (which was the original inspiration) so the project is a particular subject of pride for the shy, unassuming chef.

The front door message says it all: "Gyoza is a popular and emblematic Japanese dish. We wanted to honor it with our own special recipe made with the best products possible".

Look for one near you soon.

56, passage des Panoramas
+33 1 44 82 00 62
Open from 18h00-23h00 pm