Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Michelin Red Guide Editor

Change finally? The Michelin Red Guide announces that its new editor is a 38 year old German woman who favours experimental and creative cuisine. Sounds like a good start for me, although the Frogs are gonna hate it....

Let's hear it for the culinary outsiders!

...and what will this mean for promotion of restaurants owned by Germans..... ;)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ultimate Oeuf Mayo ?

Nice to see Le Comptoir hasn't lost the Camdeborde touch. Dishes bien ficell√©, like the 5€ oeuf mayo pictured above. Fresh, smooth and inexpensive. The daily special onglet de boeuf with wok style vegetables was a little hard to cut, but this was probably due more to the dull knife provided than the quality of the meat. Predictably good cheese and creme chocolat. rounded off an excellent lunch

And the chef wasn't even in the kitchen! His "non- French" backup team did a splendid job, and I can't wait to come back when he's in the kitchen

Friday, December 19, 2008

Yer Mama likes Shelter

This Alain Senderens (he staffed the kitchen and pays the salary, so not a cuisine telecommandé as some say..) hotel-restaurant located in a God-forbidden edge of Paris was a nice surprise. Despite a few hicks with the service (largely manic) - long waiting time to order, glass of wine brought instead of bottle, butter forgot, no changing of covers, all this could be forgiven by the fact that they've only been open a little while, and the staff is obviously hard working and friendly. The starter of pastrami and potatoes was tasty, though the spuds were cold, the entrecote (frites just okay) and hachis parmentier de confit de canard were very correct, well served and copious. The restaurant is cosy, although the spot light shining on our table seemed to be shining directly ito our eyes, and a funky Cyril le philosophe seemed more concerned with hanging with the DJ, although Mr. Trigano was omnipresent, observing and making the rounds.

Breakfast was a quiet affair, with the whole dining area transformed into a casual space where people seemed to be nursing hangovers from their nomadic urban night in Paris. English tourists, French bobo families, and young, cool medias types made up the crowd. Continental 10€, breakfast buffet (bacon, eggs, sausages, pastries, juice, hot drink) - 15€

Mama Shelter

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

L'Orangerie closed? **Scoop**

Their telephone lines have been tied up for days with no apparent reason- and no response to e-mails leads one to believe that former Taillevent chef Michel del Burgo's Orangerie has closed its doors...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chefs behaving badly

It's always refreshing to see that a hot bistronomic chef has as much fire in him out of the kitchen as devant les fourneaux . Witness: very recently, in a Grand Hotel Parisien, a much respected chef cuistot did what Baudelaire expounded in his prose poems and "beat someone with the enthusiasm of a butcher tenderizing a beefsteak", and then proceded to try to do the same to a member of the hotel staff, while at the same time grabbing a passerby's tender thigh! Ah....there still is passion in the Parisan food world!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Laperouse secret club by Le Fooding

Clandestine ambience, free cognac cocktails and langoustine nems, great company, chats with celeb chefs. What could be better?

Thanks to Arnaud and Alex!

Bangers and Mash at The Bitter End

Another in the English comfort food series. Bangers and Mash, that quintissentially English dish, found here in good form (completely par hasard) at The Bitter End, Saint Germain en Laye

Monday, December 01, 2008