Saturday, June 27, 2009

Passage 53 - menu degustation

Last night took the occasion to try out the new degustation menu at one of my favourite tables. For those of you who have been living in a cave for the last few months, the Passage 53 is one of Paris' most interesting new restaurants: located in the city's oldest covered passageway, run by Guillaume (whose father-in-law is France's most famous and coveted butcher de luxe, Hugo Desnoyer), and orchestrated by Mr. Sato, former chef of Paris' only Michelin-starred Japanese, Aida. (who also did a stint at the three-star Astrance). The restaurant was boiling inside, so luckily we had a table on the terrace, where we enjoyed nine dishes from the chef's surprise menu, which at 60€ is reasonable and worth the detour.

Broccoli emulsion with crunchy broccoli bits

Veal tartar from Hugo Desnoyer on a bed of Gillardeau oysters

Grilled calamari with cabbage and cauliflower cream

Foie gras with strawberries

Cod with white radish cream


Veal filet with noirmoutier potatoes and mushrooms

Rhubarb jelly with rhubarb cubes

Green tea sorbet with red fruit and puffed rice

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ca a bougé au Bourget

Question: What could be more pleasant way to start off a Sunday morning than with the smell of jet fuel in one's nostrils?

Answer: The smell of jet fuel in one's nostrils, in a private loge, invited by the world's top private airline company , at the end of a runway at the Bourget private airport, watching the créme de la créme of the world's aerospace industry take off, the air vibrating with 60,000 pounds of thrust while downing, in rapid succession, six of Dom Ruinart's best champagnes, accompanied by stellar canapés, and surrounded by hot air stewardesses. Then doing it all over again.

Dom Ruinart 1996

Yummy snacks

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Me and Roger Clemens (or Rogering Clemens)

This is so cool!. Not only am I Paris' hottest food blogger, but I'm also a skanky stripper doing geriatric ex-ball player Roger Clemens! This should get me that extra blog traffic I need!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Camera Obscura

Total chillout mode. Wearing lightweight "Domino" t-shirt (limited not for sale edition) given to me by the film producer who gave me a bunch of promo stuff because he liked me. Typing this all on my MacBook Pro, next to the open window of my industrial white minimalist cuisine looking out over the oldest covered swimming pool in Paris and a ground level, duplex loft housing a photography studio, which, when in full swing degorges one young Scandinavian/former Eastern bloc model after another, drinking a cold can of 1664 , which could easily be a Kirin, glass of Red Bull/Stoli, artisinal absinthe, or Wattwiller, just popped a diantalvic for dull muscle pain, probably going to listen to songs from DM, David Gahan, The Eels, Motley Crue, Smokey, MGMT, 2livecrew, whatever else comes to mind. Now to writing. Then to sleeping. Then, sweet weekend. Then another week of abandon, perdition, no absolution.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quentin invited me for brunch. Carpaccio of scallops with pistachio oil, salmon, three ways: tartar, rilletes and 'taxi brousse', then Johann's cheesecake. Pints at Kevin's and hanging with Trish, culinary superdiva. Guinness in a champagne glass!
A few pints at Kevin's. Random visit to Cantine de Quentin ends up mini-party on terrace with a Croatian and Romanian model! Chilled wine, sun, breeze, ciggies, good humored conversation, sweet karma.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thanks Alison. They contacted me today. Can't wait to see how this turns out. One thing is for sure- I will give a very realistic portrayal of what it is to be me. I think that aprés moi will be the déluge. Meaning media success, future projects,hot chicks and free booze.