Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rostang - Better than cocaine?

Perhaps the most decadent haute cuisine dish in Paris, Rostang's famous truffle sandwich is the only two-star-Michelin-eat-with -your-hands-food in the capital. Two slices of Poilane, infused in plastic wrap for 48 hours with Noirmoutier butter and a healthy serving of fresh black truffles, then taken out of the fridge and quick fried in a hot skillet for a few minutes and served a table.

The knife and fork are just there pour la forme.


After a couple of misfires, I decided to give the Arome another try, and was rewarded with a pleasant surprise. The new Gagnaire-trained chef does a great job, and although the menu was a little too citrus-y, everything was delicious, the service pleasant and the open kitchen fun to watch.

Iberico pork "pluma", Joel Thiébault turnips and blood orange reduction

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pré Catelan lunch

Magnificent Pierre-Yves Rochon fireplace

Damien Hirst spin dot painting? No, a rather underwhelming jelly of truffle

Wafer thin slices of beetroot with aged comté cheese. Delicious and visually pleasing

Tarte de truffe noir with onion confit

Scallop a la plancha

Scallops, scallops, everywhere!

Filet of turbot with almonds, vanilla sauce and mustard (?)

Squid ink risotto



World's most luxe banana split (I enjoyed the accompanying banana/peanut butter tart more)

Saturday, January 10, 2009



Curry Udon

Perfect winter comfort food at one of the rue Sainte Anne's institutions. Shrimp and vegetable tempura, curry udon, a chilled Asahi, and the continual show of the chefs frantic keeping up with orders and passersby enjoying the view of a little Tokyo sur Seine

Friday, January 02, 2009

Cul de Poule

Yannig Samot's new trendy trad in Rose Bakery country is an interesting place and a good lunch deal. A three course menu is 17€ and gets you a creamy endives soup or paté, followed by a copious fish dish with Japanese mushrooms or cochonailles with mushy peas, followed by an orange salad with Greek yoghurt. Friendly service. Funky crowd. Eclectic music hovering between Eminem and "My Beautiful Balloon". Can't wait to try out the expanded dinner menu.