Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maria Luisa pizzeria Paris

Looking for authentic Napolitan style pizza in Paris? This is the best place I've found so far -- located behind the Hopital Saint Louis, and a stone's throw from the Canal Saint Martin, this small, very bobo-friendly place (but don't let that dissuade you from coming!...) , located on a corner between two streets doesn't have much in the way of design going for it, prefering the minimalist, we haven't decided how to decorate it yet vibe, but does offer friendly service, mucho eye-candy, and good pizza at pretty reasonable prices. Wine is cheap and drinkable, but nothing to write home about...

Pizza bianco with mozzarella, bresaola, roquette, cherry tomatoes and parmesan

Superb caramel panacotta

Monday, February 26, 2007

In defense of British food


Friday, February 23, 2007

Le Saut du Loup (Musée des Arts Déco)

Recently opened, Le Saut du Loup (name refering to an architectural term for a transparency separating an interior from an exterior, although maintaining a harmony between the two - ie, the restaurant and the Tuilleries gardens) , is the hottest museum restaurant in Paris. The chef, Pascal Bernier, cut his teeth at Lasserre, the formely one-star Clovis , and then worked as a consultant for the likes of the Atelier de Renault. The upper dining room is by far the best place to eat, with lots of black, white and reflective and transparent surfaces. The cuisine is in the traditional/modern vein, and although a little pricey, was worth it for an interesting lunch.

Amuse bouche of crème de topinambour (cream of Jerusalem artichokes)

Small red peppers, stuffed with tuna fillet and parmesan cheese

Crème de carrot avec "mouillette" de cumin (Carrot cream soup with cumin dipping breadstick

Pasta with ham and parmesan cream sauce

Coquilles Saint Jacques with Lentilles

Excellent "cornet" de frites

"Plaisir intense", mango and cocont ice cream with whipped cream and raspberry coulis

and funky square toilets....!

Le Saut du Loup
107, rue de Rivoli Paris 1er
Telephone: + 33 1 42 25 49 55

Castro Maison

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Michelin Paris Red Guide/Guide Rouge 2007 final results!!

Here are the final results for the Michelin Guide Rouge 2007 ( which comes out February 28th in stores)

New Three Stars

Yannick Alléno – Le Meurice
Frédéric Anton – Pré Catelan
Pascal Barbot – L’Astrance
Jacques Lameloise – Lameloise à Chagny
Anne-Sophie Pic – Pic à Valence

New Two Stars

Le Clos de Sens à Annecy
La Villa à Calvi
Nicolas Le Bec à Lyon
Joel Robuchon Montre-Carlo
Alexandre à Nimes
Les Elysées à Paris
Les Cèdres à Romans-sur-Isère

New One Stars in Paris

Les Fables de la Fontaine
Dominique Bouchet
Les Muses

Le Relais d'Auteuil and Laurent in Paris were two of seven establishments to be demoted from two to one star.

Also kudos to the guide for demoting overblown, overexpensive and user unfriendly restaurants:

The Jules Verne (yes!) and Marius et Janette lost their star, as did Chen, Sormani, Caffè Minotti, Le Clovis, La Luna, La Marée, Le W, Relais de Sevres and Tang.

In an interview with the Michelin guide director, Jean-Luc Naret, he mentions (refering to the demotion from three to two stars of Le Cinq and Taillevent) , "There are two magnificent Parisian restaurants, two institutions. Unfortunately, the lack of regularity this year made us take this decision. It's not the talent of the chef(s) that are to blame! It's just the irregularity! Stars can be recovered very quickly"

Friday, February 02, 2007

Urbane Restaurant Paris

The jury's still out on this 40-seater néo-bistro not far from the Canal Saint Martin, behind the up-and-coming Hopital Saint Louis district (judging from the amount of lofts and internet cafés scattered around the area..). The space is nice enough in a shabby-chic/lofty sort of way. Audrey, the Irish-born owner with her business partner Olivier, the chef (who did stints at Darozze and Choukroun's establishments) are very nice. But nice doesn't a quality bistro make, and they still need a little time to find their wings.

The 29€ (entrée/plat/dessert) menu was without great surprise, but there were spots of talent and interest: Saint Jacques with a rosepetal/balsamic reduction, green curry sauce and pilaf rice was delicious,the mi-chaud foie gras with Sechuan pepper was pretty classic, but the accompanying aromatic salad was great, fresh and invigorating on the palate, the aller-retour of tuna with an innocuous, tasteless green salsa sauce, excellent "spuds" with olive oil, was a good sized portion of well seared fish, and the brownie with pain d'epices ice cream (why did I take a brownie in Paris??) was without interest, although my dining partners frangipane "sucettes" was tasty.

Resumé: a little far to go when other excellent establishments offer better value for the price.

But, a few more months, and they might have a few surprises for us when chef Olivier starts to find his way.