Sunday, February 05, 2006

Michelin Paris 2006 Guide Results

In "La Libération"'s article on the new Michelin guide rouge 2006, "La Rouge est grillé" (The red is cooked) it seems that not much has been learned from this year's intense criticism of the venerable guide. The results are as follows:

Olivier Roellinger received his long-merited third star

Joel Robuchon apparently receives four stars in total for his three restaurants in Paris and Monaco, aparently bringing a total of two for La Table, and one each for his two other Ateliers

Pierre Gagnaire gets a star for Gaya

Alain Ducasse keeps Benoit's star

Alain Senderens gets two stars for his (admittedly anti-star) Senderens

Surprise comes at not awarding a third star to the Meurice's Yannick Alleno, and the Bristol's Eric Frechon. They also express surprise at Frederic Anton's (last years two to three star "espoir"), not getting another.