Sunday, March 12, 2006


What follows is a taste (sorry the pun) of my recent meal at the excellent CAIUS, with my gastro partners in crime A + C. Apologies for the bad phone-photos. First off, we started with a warm oyster taster, with topinambours, with a side of Corona beer sorbet (!), sorry, I got only a picture of the sorbet , as I was drunk and ravenous.

Next was the Coquille Saint Jacques with black truffles and some sort of spice, mushroom foam.

Followed by a "tortilla" of grilled gambas with indian spices on the side

Sorry for the above mess, once again blogspot has mixed up my pics into a haphazard order not of my making. Or is it that I have no idea what I am doing..?

Anyway, it was a thoroughly enjoyable meal in my friend Jean-Marc's humble establishment, which I believe to be one of the sleeper gastros of Paris, and about which you will be hearing a lot of in the future.