Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Les Cartes Postales

Interesting little place off of the place du Marché Saint Honoré, which was recommended to me by Dominique Bouchet. The restaurant is run by chef Watanabe, who creates relatively classical French dishes, and a few Japanese styled ones as well. We started off with a langoustine salad with a truffled beurre blanc sauce, and a crab cake, reminiscent of a pastilla de pigeon, afterwards a vapor-cooked piece of bar with mushrooms and a truffled side of scalloped potatoes (delicious), and a japanese style beef with a two pepper sauce. We also tried the entrecote, which was nice, but nothing incredible (especially for the price). They have a daily menu at 25 Euros, which seems pretty reasonable (crab cake with entrecote, fish, or daily special). Be careful when choosing a la carte as the price goes up very quickly. The service was a little amateurish (only two servers, or one and a japanese girl who seemed to be running the show). A nice touch is the fact that you can try half size portions of most of the dishes. He's no Yoshino, but an interesting lunch.