Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chez Papa

The low level collective euphoria in Chez Papa last evening reminded me of a middle-class Amerian chain, themed steakhouse, a sort of Disney World of the palate. Packed –to-the-rafters, Chez Papa is part of a small chain of restaurants in Paris specializing in cuisine from the Sud Ouest. A friend and colleague, who once lived in my neighborhood suggested I try it. I did a few weeks ago for lunch, and rather enjoyed one of their jumbo salads, which was a pretty good deal, so I decided to dine and check out the rest of the menu. Disappointment. Despite the mass of interenet blurbs on what a "good value” it was, Chez Papa struck me as a simulacrum of a rustic Sud Ouest restaurant, with mediocre, mass-produced dishes, a kitchen full of African immigrants, and a clientele , rolling their eyes in joy, with no clue, under the black stare of the omnipresent partron’s Big Brother-like portrait. Papa doesn’t even exist


Le Meg said...

Oh my, I'm overwhelmed at the number of actual WORDS on your blog this week. Is it my birthday? What have I done to deserve this??

Keep it comin'

Adrian said...

yeah , but it's all crap and uninteresting crap at that...

Anonymous said...

Actually, Papa does exist, and often visits his restaurants, which like his presence, are very hit and miss. The salads can be quite good, and sometimes the confit de canard almost excellent, but after a several soggy duck and potatos experiences a few years ago, I vowed never to go back because it is so much like an American chain now...

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