Sunday, November 05, 2006


"Indian" clove cigarettes at Ratn

Austen, Céline and I, all great fans of Indian cuisine, and avid explorateurs of all new and interesting tables went the other night to Ratn, the new restaurant replacing the former Michelin star rated Bath's. We were all on intimate terms with the former owners (with all the great past memories that encompassed) , and we were a little hesitant to dine here, with all the insipid Indian experiences had in Paris. Austen even became an excellent cook in part because of the high price/low quality of most of these restaurants .... (with the exception of Dip, bien sur). Happily to say, Ratn is an excellent surprise in every way. From the owner's affable, professional, and warm welcome, and way in which we were treated to the perfection of their cuisine, based on ancient Moghul palace recipes. The manager, a former director of finance, took over this restaurant to bring a little exposure to his father, a discreet man who was the harbinger of Indian cuisine in Paris in the 1970's, and whose influence extends to almost every top Indian restaurant in Paris, as the owners of these estblishments were all formerly chefs in his place...

I'll update this post when I have time, but for the moment, this is , without doubt , the best Indian I have tried..


Unknown said...

My wife and dined here on June 29th, 2007. While the food was just "ok", I felt this establishment to be what we in America call a "clip joint". The portions (lamb saag and chicken masala) were barely enough for us. We ordered Naan and they brought out one slice for each of us. Unbekownst to me, we were charged for each (at 4 Euros per). We were also charge 8 Euros for an order of basmati rice, an item always included with an Indian meal here in the US. Before the night was over the check was close to 80 Euros and not much food to account for it.

Anonymous said...

We ate here too, the service was really bad. The waiters were rude and the food was served cold. Would not recommend this place.

Adrian said...

Too bad for you. I just recount my experiences here. They differ from yours. Tant pis. For me it's still the best Indian in Paris. And I refuse to believe anyone was rude to you. Maybe it was too expensive for you...?

Anonymous said...

I had the same bad experience here. The food was served cold and the waiters were very bad mannered, including the manager!

I wouldn't recommend this place if it was the last restaurant left in paris...

Adrian said...

Well, Martine, you are obviously a cock, so I would have served you badly as well! This restaurant is good for people who actually are interested in good cuisine, not losers like time go to Leon de Bruxelles.

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Unknown said...

Hi there,indeed i was pleasantly astonished at my experience at the restaurant.No doubt,it is a unique,beautiful place with wonderful gourmet food and lovely environment.The meal was succulent and the boss was quite helpful and we were totally under the spell.For me and my friends,it is definetely an evening that left pleasent souvenirs.Bravo RATN and a bientot....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog.Indeed some pleasant findings.We dined at RATN the other night and honestly it is one of our best experiences ever.The place is a bit expensive but worth the gorgeous ambiance and lovely food.My wife would not stop admiring the flowers and even said to the manager that in NY we dont do this.Its so chic and delicious.

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