Friday, January 05, 2007

Unico restaurant Paris

After winning a Fooding award this year, and stellar Figaroscope reviews (by the same people, Cammas & Co. FYI) , this seems to be the hot table of the moment. An interesting concept: a kitchy 1970's family-style butcher shop (which according to the locals dining next dooor to us was pretty crap anyway) , transformed by two Argentinian architects (the owners and longtime Parisian transplants) into a contemporary design version of a kitchy 1970's butcher shop, with crowded tables, a redesigned Norman Foster table d'hote, an Argentinian chef, servers, wines, beef, even a charcoal-burning stove from over there. Happily, the restaurant lives up to the reviews. The empanadas (small, pasty-like pies filled with hand-cut beef strips) were superb, as was the lomo, which was served with roasted potatoes, and a trio of sauces (chilichura the best). The dulce de leche, again, was excellent. Please excuse the following poor quality photos .

I love the picture of our fellow diner relaxing in delight after his meal.

15 rue Paul Bert, 75011


Le Meg said...

Ohhhhh, Lomo....

So where is this place?

Adrian said...

Ohhh... if you like big, firm pieces of meat, you'll like it

Austen said...

You really like l'homo too, mate, no?

Adrian said...

Is that an invitation?

Anonymous said...

Just got back from dinner there - excellent on all counts

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jier said...
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