Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lao Siam restaurant Belleville

Salad "douce"

Pates Imperiaux

Beef Lemongrass Salad

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Sorry, crappy mobile photos again - but I was too busy eating to care. Did Krung Thep the night before, which is always fun , but full of Anglos, so tried Lao Siam , which seemed a pretty good Thai (for Paris), but still had its share of loudmouth Yankies and fake Anglos (at least three different tables out of the ten others...)

Good nems. Good "salad douce" (shrimps, grated coconut and banana flowers, fibrous but tasty..), great Thai-style chicken skewers with peanut sauce, ok beef noodles....Cheaper than Madame Shawn and Krung Thep for a similar quality food, so I'd go back


Anonymous said...

Loa Siam is quite ugly, but known to be one of the most best for less expensive thaï ... I enjoy also the salade douce, and the chiken with spicy (but not as spicy for me, I liked it hot) cocoa milk and lemongrass ...

Adrian said...

I appreciate your posting... a bientot

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Even though the place is not very well known, I must admit the food is one of the best I have tasted in my entire life. I like specially withe sauce chicken is so yummy.

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