Sunday, February 10, 2008

Michelin Paris Red Guide 2008 Rumours

**LATEST NEWS** according to François Simon's blog: one star each for Il Vino and Aida, and no retrograding for Arpege (but maybe next year...)

It's the time of year when the rumour mill starts predicting who will win and who will lose those precious Michelin stars. Thanks to Chroniques du Plaisir for creating the first online discussion site on facebook and especially François Simon, who, for the last decade or so has had the goods before everyone else.

The guide comes out on March 6th.

Here are a few of the predictions, which seem pretty solid to me. Arpege, seem to be having more and more trouble with their organization (I have sent them tables daily for a very long time) and have noticed a huge difference in the (lack of) quality in their telephone manners and general professionalism. I think they've taken on too many low paid, non- experienced stagieres. . I'm sure the cuisine is still superb, but they need vast improvement on the PR side of things.

Gérald Passédat at Le Petit Nice (last year's espoir) in Marseille will get three stars

Philippe Legendre at Le Cinq will get back his third star

L’Oustau de Baumanière aux Baux- de-Provence, gets two stars and an "espoir" rating.

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon gets two stars

Jean-François Piège (Les Ambassadeurs, Hôtel de Crillon) misses out again on his third star.

Didier Elena (Les Crayères) gets his third star (false rumour?)

Alain Passard, loss of one star (probably false rumour)

William Ledeuil (Ze Kitchen Galerie – Paris) gets his first star

Alain Ducasse gets a star for his opening of the Jules Verne (wow, not bad after being open a month or two!)

This is a work in progress that will be continually updated as I get more intell....


Christophe said...

So glad for Arpège. Such a bad telephone etiquette. Shame for Passard though, but he should get proper trained welcoming staff.

Anonymous said...

no one loses a star because of telephone matters. stars are food, nothing else. couvrets are ambiance, comfort etc.

Adrian said...

Of course , but very bad manners and lack of any telephone or communication skills (which is definitely the case with SOME of Passard's staff, and I am saying this very objectively) could be indicative of some major problems elsewhere, tip of the iceberg. I have no idea. I'm just communicating my personal experience lately. You sound pretty authoritative-why are you hiding behind an "anonymous", G. ?

Anonymous said...

I have been to Arpege three times in the last year, and booked those reservations myself in the worst French. Each time they were helpful, friendly and accommodating. One visit was for me as a lone diner, too, and they could not have been more welcoming at reception (or on the phones when I booked).

Adrian said...

Good for you. I call them hundreds of times per year!

La Tartine Gourmande said...

Very pleased for William Ledeuil. Love his restaurant, the concept and food.

Adrian said...

Thanks Béa, but that rumour is not 100 percent watertight....but William does deserve it, he's a great guy and talented chef.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating that l'Atelier gets a second star. I went there two years ago, and thought is was a total tourist trap. Overpriced, ordinary wines (they must multiply their cost by 10), and cuisine that has nothing remarkable. Not bad, but, strictly speaking, nothing remarkable. Except the tiny size of portions, with four dishes we were still hungry.
This is described with a lot of humour by Jonathan Nossiter in his book about wine, recently released. So I don't feel alone, even wise Americans think like me.
Conpared to what you get at Senderens for 150 euros, superb wines and food...ya pas photo.

Anonymous said...

I´ve been to several top restaurant in paris the last 6 months both 2 and 3 stars. In my point of view Arpège have created one of the best restaurants in paris and he deserves 3 big stars... Only at le Cinq have I seen a higher level of service.

Good luck Arpège!

Anonymous said...

I have heard of a Paris restaurant where telephone reservations are not entertained and only written ones penned months in advance will be considered. Do you happen to know which infamous restaurant this is?

Anonymous said...

was just wondering if i need to pick one michelin starred restaurant in paris, who or what would be the top choice?

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