Sunday, March 16, 2008

Barcelona postcards



Love this market... but never tried the queso burgers.


Adrian said...

No, **shame** it's Burger King!! I went because I've never had a pint in a fast food before....wasn't half bad (especially compared to the crap McD, Quick, etc in France)

Saborosa said...

Please tell me that's not the only place you ate. And if you wanted burger, beer and fries, you shoulda gone to Viena on the Ramblas (only place to eat on the Ramblas. There are Vienas elsewhere too). Actually, their burger's not the best in BCN - that's either Fast Good (Ferran Adria's fast food joint) on C/Balmes 127 or Cerveceria Jazz (C/Margarit 43). But keep that last one to yourself, ok?
Now, perhaps you could give me a tip - where can I get fenugreek and mustard seeds and general curry fixings in Paris, preferably in or around the 10th? I've tried Paris Store in Belleville but it seems more China and SE Asia oriented.

Adrian said...

Sab, believe me, that wasn't the only place I went--just thought pints in BK were cool! Did you get my message? Indian stuff is at VT Cash and Carry on the rue Cail in the 10th. My fave. Forget passage Brady and all that...

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