Sunday, August 03, 2008

Watt the f**k?

Worst burger in Paris- Leader Price bread rolls, processed cheese, steak haché , frozen fries and limpid, brown salad (not pictured: the "crostini": a piece of white bread, with a bit of cheese and one sad tomato)

I'm having a bad gastroweek. Just when I thought nothing could top the MINI PALAIS, I had dinner at WATT, on a little sidestreet just off of the Saint Germain des Pres. The resto has a fairly pleasant lofty style atmosphere and accompanying bobo clientelle, and the place was packed. Couldn't be all that bad could it. Yes. Everything from the tiny tapas starters (I kid you not, the chicken terryaki skewers were pure Picard) to the insipid hamburger and country style fries was right from the freezer. Industrial. As . You. Can. Get. How people can get away with this shit I have no idea. Maybe a significant portion of the French are just a stupid dining public?

Recommended , by the way, by Pudlo.


Amy75 said...

The cheese looks like it was just unwrapped. Considering how much the French seem to love McDonald's, I'm not surprised that they would find this to be a good burger.

Anonymous said...

I would like to believe...I 'm not the only one French to hate such restaurant...!
and please, go on ,I appreciate your blog.
(sorry for my english...)

Chrisos said...

Watt was very trendy and quite cheap about 5-7 years ago.
The design has not changed since then, but the quality seems to have gone worse. Las time I was there was like 3 years ago, and it was quite a mess and a real disappointment...
I don't know if it's still the original team or if they sold it to some cash extraction guys. They nevertheless have a good reputation, are located in a very touristic area, so they are still crowded...
Next time, try Pirosmani, a georgian restaurant with lots of vodka, a couple minutes from there (rue Boutebrie?).

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should up your standards a little and be more selective of where you eat before making rude generelizations about others.

Fichi said...
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Adrian said...

Uh, maybe you should stop being a shirtlifter and leaving anonymous comments on my blog? MY blog. Meaning MY opinion.

And yes, you're right, if I knew what a shithole that WATT place was , I would never have gone there in the first place.

But I'm glad you've found somewhere to use your food stamps.

Anonymous said...

Most restaurants around St Germain des Pres are mediocre at best or tourist traps at worst.
In my experience, there are very few good eateries around Time Square in NYC, or around Leicester Square in London.
The "Pudlo" guide is absolute rubbish.
I'm sorry but I'll have to agree with "Anonymous @8.47pm" on this one: be more selective and stop generalizing. That way you might be more credible.

Adrian said...

Yes, but you're a cock who calls himself butterfly , so your opinion doesn't really hold much weight, does it?

Adrian said...

Funny, this critique has broughts the courageous anonymous naysayers out of the woodwork like flies (sorry, butterflies) to shit....

Anonymous said...

You're spot on: your blog IS shit.
Here's a great restaurant for you: Pizza Pino on the classy Champs-Elysees. You can finish it off with a nice ice-cream from Haagen-Dazs just up the road... .
Have a nice life mate.

Adrian said...

Anyway, thanks for your comments fairydust..

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