Saturday, November 08, 2008

Exclusive! Le Fooding 2009 guide!

I was lucky enough to be the first to purchase the new Le Fooding 2009 guide on sale exclusively this morning at Colette.

When I arrived, I braved a huge crowd of people waiting in front of the boutique who turned out to be there to purchase a hot new pair of trainers..... I was the only one there for the guide (which had to be asked for, and was hidden away in a storage room....)

The 218 page guide is certain to turn heads, as it is printed in exactly the same format, on the same paper, and with the same typeface as the cutting edge MONOCLE magazine.......

The selection of restaurants is very similar to the past eight years, with additions of all the restaurants you'd find on the fooding website or Figaroscope since, such as :Le 21, Guilo Guilo, La Bigarrade, Max y Jérémy, Itinéraires, Grannie, Le Cul de Poule, Supernature, NapoliParis, Urbane, Zoé Bouillon, Cha Cha, Pizza Chic, Les Parisiennes, Mama Shelter, Quedubon,La Bulle, Les Petites Sorcières, ETC, Miroir, La Table d'Eugène, Sobane, Le Floors, La Pizzetta, Coco & Co,


Hélène said...

What? No first-hand news or listings? Mmmh...Thanks anyway for the comments on my blog TasteofParis

Adrian said...

I've actually updated and given a little more detail....

Anonymous said...


Je cherche à vous contacter pour vous convier à un déjeuner « Découverte du bœuf Hereford» le 15 décembre, orchestré par Matthieu Fontaine, chef au Château de Bagnols dans la région lyonnaise.

Malheureusement, je n'ai pas trouvé de mail sur votre blog donc je passe par les commentaires.

Merci de reprendre contact avec moi si vous souhaitez plus de renseignements.



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