Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Monocolumn

Here's my little column on MONOCLE magazine's website on the new Michelin guide. Pretty general, but hints at the new Paris culinary zeitgeist.


PhilD said...

Adrian, I thought it was interesting that the critics all have their own rival products, so hardly independent comments.

I agree the online world has changed the game, but many bloggers still use Michelin as one of their sources when choosing where to visit.

My prediction is that our faith in food blogs will diminish as we recognise many of the writers lack experience/perspective and blogs become more commercial. As a result we will revert to the old faithfuls especially as hey get their on-line strategies humming along. Via Michelin is better than many and I can only see it getting better, after all as a channel to market it attracts a great demographic and should be a fruitful advertising channel thus warranting investment.

Adrian said...


Unknown said...

I like the idea of Phil. choosing sites isn't like buying without prescription that you could just choose whatever you will so long as it fits your criteria. I believe that a lot of people still choose Michelin. Nice site, by the way.