Sunday, February 27, 2011

Michelin Guide Paris 2011

Everyone will be frantically googling tomorrow the results of France's most well known (and increasingly less relevant food guide) , but here's what's come to pass:

No new three stars. There. Said it.

New two stars: Passage 53 (yay! I told you Guillaume ;) ) and Jean François Piege (open mere months....) and Joel Robuchon's new Atelier Etoile at the Drugstore Elysees (open, again, only a couple of months.......)

Cheers to Frederic Simonin for his first at his namesake restaurant and Les Ambassadeurs for getting back their first with new chef Chistopher Hache. Other new one stars include the relatively off the radar Le Baudelaire (huh?) , Sensing (what??) , Antoine (fish restaurant) and La Fourchette de Printemps (okay..)

And apparently lots of the little tables have been recognized with a total of 601 "bib gourmands" (117 new tables) where one may eat for less than 35€ for a three course meal (29€ outside of the city).

Don't think there'll be many more surprises tomorrow, but then again, we're getting used to it .......

Kudos to Stephane Riss for being first at the jump


Bruce Palling said...

Yes, I agree -Passage 53 deserves its second star..

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