Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm back - excuses and promises of insider, back stage stories on the book!

Sorry to have left you once again,

2015 has been the year of my book. The book I conceived and created with Carrie Solomon, INSIDE CHEFS’ FRIDGES. An adventure that took us to nine countries (UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden) over the period of a year or so to meet some of the greatest chefs (and coolest people) in Europe (and the world). During this time I’ve heavily neglected this blog and any other writing . The project was all consuming.

Now that the project is over, and most of my work is pimping out this great and unique tome to the general public, I will try to write here a bit and keep this venerable though flagging blog afloat, at the very least to provide you a little bit of an insight to the book and what went into making it.

It’s funny how, when I started this blog over ten years ago, there were only a handful of food bloggers in Paris, and I quickly gained the reputation of being the renegade, the opinionated outsider, both here and on the food discussion boards that helped me educate myself about food and where I connected with others in debates on the subject. That led to a deeper interest and a subject that I started to write about more or less seriously. All that finally led here. A moderately successful blog for jet setting foodie tourists, gastro fans looking for insider gossip and tips. It never really took off, but, in the niche, the periphery of the food world, gained its own interesting little audience, many of whom became friends.

When I started the book, travelling, researching and writing on the days off from my full time job, and before and after shifts, I once again neglected this blog. I’ll try to fill in the gaps, now , so to speak between now and upcoming projects, and thank you if you are still out there somewhere, still reading. I promise more soon, especially insider stories and photos from when we researched the book.



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