Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maria Luisa pizzeria Paris

Looking for authentic Napolitan style pizza in Paris? This is the best place I've found so far -- located behind the Hopital Saint Louis, and a stone's throw from the Canal Saint Martin, this small, very bobo-friendly place (but don't let that dissuade you from coming!...) , located on a corner between two streets doesn't have much in the way of design going for it, prefering the minimalist, we haven't decided how to decorate it yet vibe, but does offer friendly service, mucho eye-candy, and good pizza at pretty reasonable prices. Wine is cheap and drinkable, but nothing to write home about...

Pizza bianco with mozzarella, bresaola, roquette, cherry tomatoes and parmesan

Superb caramel panacotta


Steve said...

I like your blog (and link to it on my blog - (http://infinitefress.blogspot.com)

Do you like Astier? I heard they make a good herring in that bath of oil like Chez Georges does?

Adrian said...

Thanks alot Steve, my blog sucks, but thanks for the kudos, it's nice of you! Astier is a great place - inexpensive and has great quality food and nice people, haven't tried the herring though...

Steve said...

Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps if you visit L.A. we can arrange for Padma to perform what apparently works even for a shriveled septuagenarian.

Adrian said...

Thanks Steve, I'll do my best to imitate one for her...!

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