Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Michelin Paris Red Guide/Guide Rouge 2007 final results!!

Here are the final results for the Michelin Guide Rouge 2007 ( which comes out February 28th in stores)

New Three Stars

Yannick Alléno – Le Meurice
Frédéric Anton – Pré Catelan
Pascal Barbot – L’Astrance
Jacques Lameloise – Lameloise à Chagny
Anne-Sophie Pic – Pic à Valence

New Two Stars

Le Clos de Sens à Annecy
La Villa à Calvi
Nicolas Le Bec à Lyon
Joel Robuchon Montre-Carlo
Alexandre à Nimes
Les Elysées à Paris
Les Cèdres à Romans-sur-Isère

New One Stars in Paris

Les Fables de la Fontaine
Dominique Bouchet
Les Muses

Le Relais d'Auteuil and Laurent in Paris were two of seven establishments to be demoted from two to one star.

Also kudos to the guide for demoting overblown, overexpensive and user unfriendly restaurants:

The Jules Verne (yes!) and Marius et Janette lost their star, as did Chen, Sormani, Caffè Minotti, Le Clovis, La Luna, La Marée, Le W, Relais de Sevres and Tang.

In an interview with the Michelin guide director, Jean-Luc Naret, he mentions (refering to the demotion from three to two stars of Le Cinq and Taillevent) , "There are two magnificent Parisian restaurants, two institutions. Unfortunately, the lack of regularity this year made us take this decision. It's not the talent of the chef(s) that are to blame! It's just the irregularity! Stars can be recovered very quickly"


Anonymous said...

I find the comment that the chefs are not to blame for demotion as really strange. First off, if there is a lack of consistency, I assume that relates to food primarily and possibly service - the chefs fault. Second, I thought it was generally accepted that Michelin doles out stars for the chefs, rather than the restaurants. I know in theory it's supposed to be the restaurants, but all too often it's the chef. Unless with these demotions they're trying to tell us that isn't the case.

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