Sunday, April 22, 2007

Breizh Café Paris

Paris' chouchou of the moment is a creperie located in the oh-so-chic upper Marais in the midst of cutting-edge art galeries and hip clothing stores, which opened a month ago to rave reviews from the likes of the fooding people, François Simon and his band,L'express, etc. What makes this creperie special is the pedigree of it's owner, who opened his first establishment in Cancale, before moving with his Japanese wife to Tokyo and opening eventually five other establishments in the Japanese capital and Yokohama, before returning to Paris. The kitchen staff are all Nippon, with the technical skills inherant to anyone Japanese in the food business, and the ingrediants are all top-notch and French - Bordier butter, the finest black flour, homemade jams, artisinal hams, bacon, freerange eggs and cheese, exceptional ciders, Breton small-production beers... short , this is everything a creperie should be, and markedly different from the rest of this world of insipid pancakes.

Lancelot beer and superb Breton cider by the pitcher

Breizh Cola!

Black flour crepe with artisinal bacon, egg and mushrooms

Notice the ALATO DESIGN storage boxes on the top shelf


Anonymous said...

God, I can't believe what I am reading!
Back last week from my first ever trip to Tokyo, I've discovered there "Le Bretagne", the creperie place you are talking about in your post today! I've even spotted the bizarre bigoudennes frame here pictured...
I didn't know those guys were planning to conquest Paris now!

Excellent crepes by the way. And nice to meet with japanese people jabbering some words in French. I was so Lost in Translation over there !!

Anonymous said...

a very nice beer. I find it on :

Anonymous said...

Great place, nice review. One tiny thing: Nippon is the word the Japanese use to refer to their country. It's kind of like saying "the author of this blog is America" or "the staff is France" (not to overstate my point or anything). Just a minor sticking point for this Tokyoite.

Anonymous said...

dunno... the crepes I had at le bretagne in tokyo were pretty mediocre (although I feel bad saying this, as I was tearfully happy to find crepes in that godforsaken city), so not in a hurry to try breizh. I much prefer creperie plougastel on crepe row in the 14th.

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thesoulofjapan said...

Thank you for writing this up. I went to the Yokohama branch, in Nippon, to try these buckwheat crapes and was pleasantly blown away! I even had the lait ribot buttermilk ice cream and Briezh Cola! Very good stuff.

Unknown said...

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