Friday, June 20, 2008


**Just Re-read this , it's very boring and pathetic- (but maybe someone will feel sorry for me and contract me! **

Please. Can someone explain to me why I am always skirting the edge of food writing success? I've written for the best. Condé Nast Traveler contacted me because they liked a photo on my crappy blog of the Cantine de Quentin and paid me handsomely for it. Monocle has put their trust in me (albeit in very tiny articles..). Time Out, Nota Bene, and Luxe City Guides have invested in me for my restaurant intelligence. Every inflight in the UK wants me (almost)- but the pay is so-so. Gridskipper, Life in Cities and a million websites have contracted me (at low cost most of the time) to give them fresh foody intell. The world's richest, most famous, most discerning gastronomes count on me daily. I know some of the best chefs in the world on a friendly basis. I've been voted best concierge in the world.I've been featured in the Figaro. And I'm still not getting the cream. I'm skimming the top off of it.

And why do I continue this blog- I mean, who the hell reads it anyway?


Anonymous said...

I am.

Anonymous said...

And the cruel reality of freelance writing demolishes yet another ego this week.

L Vanel said...

Adrian, You're doing it because we love you.

Adrian said...

wow! three readers!!

Chrisos said...

Hey, I'm there too!
And I really like what you write!

Keep on this good work.

Adrian said...

5! Is there an indulgent,high paying, visionary editor in the house?

Amy75 said...

6! And I learned about you from a friend, so that's 7 : )

kevbuck said...


I depend on your critiques when I come over to Paris. They are always well-written, entertaining and generally spot on.
Please keep the blog going.
Dad of Jonathan Buckles

Anonymous said...

im a food and lifestyle reader from manila, the philippines. and i read you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, but nevertheless another reader. I'd tell you to stop being such a baby, but your self-pity is really rather magnificent. Love it, Adrian--all of it! Don't stop!

Adrian said...

Not self-pity, reality!

Anonymous said...

Adrian - I think you are too nice. I think we sometimes see the real Adrian in the reviews, ones like Chez Jeanette for example? But mostly the reviews are too factual and polite. You need an edge; pithy critical comment is good, or good insider knowledge of shortcuts in the kitchen helps.

For London I tend to read Dos Hermansos, or Andy Hayler, or Terrry Durack because they are critical and to the point (unlike AA Gill or other similar reviewers) but in Paris there seems to be little trustworthy English language commentary other than rehashes of the tried and trusty (staid) old favourites (Mon viel ami, Ze Kirtchen Gallerie). Many of the writers are American and lack the English critical edge, and wit - you could bring this.

Maybe you need to build the blog into a reflection of your individual style - of which we see glimses - OK cross-reference the published works - but to be these could be in Fodors, Lonely Planet or any of the other myriad of guides - so their inherent style doesn't develop the character of the blog, and probably detracts from establishing your true voice.

I visit your blog off and on because when it is good it great, but the gems get lost between the published articles, and thus it isn't a regular resource for me. Build a brand through your blog and who knows...

Hope this makes sense - it is meant to be positive.

Adrian said...

THanks, anon, that's what I've been I know you?

Anonymous said...

Glad my comments made sense. Hope they help - good luck. Look forward to reading the new blog. I was anon simply because I didn't have time to register - don't believe you know me - although we lived in the 7eme up until a year ago.

Anonymous said...

just keep going!

Saborosa said...

Hi Adrian

I've just moved to Paris and just discovered your blog. Like PhilD says, there's not a lot of great Paris-based food criticism in English on the web, or at least not that I've found. Your blog really stands out for me. You have a distinctive voice that shows your personality and makes the reader warm to your words, but not so much that it gets in the way of the 'critique'. And, unlike PhilD, I think you do have - and show - wit and pith! But I also like your clean, factual style. I think you really communicate the feel of a place without too much fuss. (Though I'd like to see more practical details eg address, opening, prices, rather than having to follow links to often poorly designed restaurant home pages).
As for how you can achieve seemingly elusive success, I suppose that depends how you measure it. Going by your list of commissions, you seem pretty damn successful to me. A friend is also a food writer, published by Conde Nast Traveller, Vogue, inflight guides, Olive... but she's still slogging away fighting for commissions against ever increasing competition in an ever-shrinking market. And if you're measuring success by the money you earn, you need to be in another business. Food and travel writing generally pays abysmally - as I'm sure you know. There just aren't enough of the decently paid gigs to go around.

Adrian said...

Thanks Sab, that's really nice of you. How did you find my blog? Who's your friend? Maybe I know her......

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