Sunday, May 24, 2009

Barbecunomique/ Fooding d'été

Always a good time, Le Fooding's charitable yet uber-cool food events attract an interesting crowd, Paris' most cutting edge chefs, in unique settings, and with a great vibe. Today's event in the Domaine de Saint Cloud, with food stands from chefs such as La Bigarrade's one star Michelin rated Christophe Pelé (tender cut of beef marinated and grilled with mild chili and anchovy), Jadis' Guillaume Delage, who prepared a Provincial style grilled veal tongue with spring vegetables, Cyril Lignac who did a Thai style filet of beef that was(more than) a bit tough and my least favorite dish of the day, and the Lao Lanexang's Lamdaun Chinnasri, who did a nice entrecote with lemongrass, bergamot and a caramel/tamarind sauce. Bruno Doucet was a bit of a disappointment, as they ran out of food an hour and a half before the end of the event :( . Desserts by Julie Rothhahn , culinary designer (with the participation of Haagen-Dazs) included a delicious vanilla/grapefruit jelly glace, Marie Quatrehomme did cheesesticks with nuts, Chapoutier provided the vino, and tunes were provided by Ariel Wizman and Teki Latex. And the sun was shining, and pretty girls were everywhere. It was a good day.



Looks like an amazing day out! I wish I had been able to join!


Adrian said...

You should have. Especially if you are an insanely hot young food obsessed chick into bad boys like me..