Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pink Flamingo

A hip, Miami-style eatery in the Marais called the Pink Flamingo should be an instant hit with just the name alone, however, this is probably one of the best pies in the city. Their first outpost was on a tiny side street next to the Canal Saint Martin, and this tiny place, next to happening neo-bistro Glou, and behind the Musée Picasso is in prime Upper Marais real estate. They offer a variety of interesting pizzas, all made with thin crust bio flour, and cooked to perfection with exotic toppings. I tried the "Ho Chi Ming", with chicken and gambas with a coconut milk sauce, coriander, lemongrass and sprinkled with crushed peanuts. I thought Alice Pizza was the best I'd ever had in Paris, but this one made me seriously reconsider. Went down well with a cold biere bio of their own fabrication.

Pink Flamingo
105 rue Vieille du Temple

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rosemary said...

I just went there today and felt quite disapointed about their pizzas ...
A nice place by the way, just in front the gardens of the Picasso Museum, but I prefer the pizzas of le Bistro napolitain, Maria Luisa and pizza chic.
I'll tried Alice pizza, the other one you like, and will tell you about it ...