Saturday, June 27, 2009

Passage 53 - menu degustation

Last night took the occasion to try out the new degustation menu at one of my favourite tables. For those of you who have been living in a cave for the last few months, the Passage 53 is one of Paris' most interesting new restaurants: located in the city's oldest covered passageway, run by Guillaume (whose father-in-law is France's most famous and coveted butcher de luxe, Hugo Desnoyer), and orchestrated by Mr. Sato, former chef of Paris' only Michelin-starred Japanese, Aida. (who also did a stint at the three-star Astrance). The restaurant was boiling inside, so luckily we had a table on the terrace, where we enjoyed nine dishes from the chef's surprise menu, which at 60€ is reasonable and worth the detour.

Broccoli emulsion with crunchy broccoli bits

Veal tartar from Hugo Desnoyer on a bed of Gillardeau oysters

Grilled calamari with cabbage and cauliflower cream

Foie gras with strawberries

Cod with white radish cream


Veal filet with noirmoutier potatoes and mushrooms

Rhubarb jelly with rhubarb cubes

Green tea sorbet with red fruit and puffed rice


rosemary said...

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Adrian said...


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It's a good degustation menu and I will taste each dishes. I think we need more initiatives like this one to learn something about restaurants and its tips as an interesting way to enjoy the food.