Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barthélemy Aggro

Funny how people can be such inbred jerkoffs. I was just fact checking a piece I just wrote for the BBC's gourmet food magazine and called up the famous fromagerie to confirm the price of their Vacherin. It went something like this (translated from the Frog of course):

"Hello. I'm writing an article for the BBC magazine olive and I'd just like to check the price on a cheese please"

"Ah, let me get you the manager". (in the background, off phone "Patrrrroonn, une magazine veut vous parler")

Another person on the line, most probably Roland Barthélemy: "I'm not interested". Click. The bastard hung up on me! I feel anger at the rude, overrated French artisan who probably likes to BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP

...but, I call back.

"Hello, you just hung up on me."

Him: "I told you I'm not interested. I'm busy". Preparing to hang up.

Me: " You are being rude. And anyway, you're in the article whether you like it or not. If you want correct information published about your establishment, all you have to do is tell me".

Him: "I'm busy". Hangs up.

Luckily there are legions of other fromageries offering comparable quality cheese at much more reasonable prices.

And with friendlier service.

And he is so out of the article.


Unknown said...

Haha! Oh that was a good chuckle. There have been so many times I wish I could call out the irritating people I call to interview or verify information, who won't give you the time of day. "I'm sorry, do you want your business to fail? Oh you do? Okay then."


castor_de_luxe said...

what a crazy jerk!

Unknown said...

I own a small bar in Paris and, to be fair, I receive around half a dozen calls a day from people purporting to be from such-and-such magazine, company, society etc. 95% of them are simply trying to sell you something and it can be a real drain answering these calls when you are busy. I too hang up on people on occasion when the caller neither knows my name, the bar name or even what the business does.

I'm not necessarily defending the guy's behavior just giving a possible explanation for it.

Adrian said...

Point taken my dear Colin. I do the same. But I was polite and he was odious. C'est tout.

Adrian said...

and with all these pesky bloggers! I hate the lot of them! That's why I put so little effort into my own!

Anonymous said...

As they say in America, ridiculement.