Monday, July 13, 2009

Oth Sombath nouvelle cuisine Thai

Steam cooked langoustines

Filet of sea bass and lime cooked in a banana leaf

Filet of beef with orange curry sauce

Sweet water chestnut with coconut cream

Here are a few photos from my recent meal at Oth Sombath, a nouvelle Thai

The space age, Patrick Jouin designed dining room is a pretty impressive three room duplex space, like something out of the Jetsons (upstairs feels a little claustrophobic). The chef has a pretty good pedigree (Blue Elephant, Banyan, his own place in Saint Trop), and , to tell the truth, I really didn't know what to expect. But the meal was pretty excellent. They're not afraid of spicing up dishes right from the start, but things seemed to be less exciting towards the end. Highlights included the Tom Kha Kai, a free range chicken, coconut and galanga soup (superb, light), the Keang Massaman Neua, beef fillet with orange curry (curry a little watery and not as potent as the spices for the opening dishes), and Ta Ko, a superb dessert, coconut cream with water chestnuts.


Luxeat said...

I was there few months ago and found the food decent but "soulless" and very "just another business venture" like..(the service was nice though..).

Adrian said...

Well, I liked the design of the place (although upstairs made me a little claustrophobic), and a funny thing was the meal started off nice and spicy, and became less so as the meal progressed. I heard the chef explaining to the diners next door that he liked spices that "came and went" and somehow made the sauces so that the spice would last a short time then leave the palate clean for the next course. There were some highlights, and I think he knows exactly what he's doing, but , in a place like this .....