Saturday, September 05, 2009

Marché de Barbès

North African pastries at nearby Barbès bakery

Arab and Berber women selling homemade filled crepes in front of the Barbès metro

I've always been a rabid devotee of the highest end food purveyors in Paris, but lately , I think la crise has been giving everyone pause for thought , including moi meme. . This morning's visit of the Marché de Barbès in Paris' "Goutte d'Or" neighborhood was in part motivated by the silly idea that the market might be less crowded because of Ramadan (or so a friend of mine told me) , and as the fridge was empty ....

The market was jam packed, and I drove my caddy with glee over a number of people's toes in an effort to scarf up those 99 cent kilos of coeur de boeuf tomatoes (Provence) and 50 cent ripe mangos. Next time I'll hit them at closing time and scarf up the real deals.


Unknown said...

Yep. Just about the only place in Paris where anything is affordable. And yes get there about an hour before closing time where real bargains can be had.

I find the best prices are found close the the Barbes metro entrance. They tend to be more open to bargaining.

Other than that, with the exception of medical care, Paris is expensive. But often cheaper than the rest of France with the exception of housing.

Elliott Broidy said...

Those look delicious!