Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best (only?) American style hot dog in Paris?

A recent article in L'Express on "Paris' Best Sandwiches" brought me to this cubby hole snack stand in the Marais, offering apparently, New York style hot dogs. The 3€ sandwiches are offered in three different styles: the "American", ie ketchup, mustard and caramelized onions, the "Tex Mex", otherwise known as a chillidog, and the "Alsatian" (no Asian restaurant jokes here, please..) , or a sauerkraut dog. They were doing a roaring trade , and there was always a little crowd of Rayban wearing hipsters quaffing away, wiping ketchups off their chins, bobo families, and gawking passersby.

Verdict: decent, fun for the price, but as always, the unexceptional elsewhere often seems more exotic here. Especially where "American" food comes to play.

Le Mosaique
56 rue du Roi de Sicile, 4th


Anonymous said...

I usually don't leave comments on any blog but, ketchup on a hot dog? Not American style, unless it's an ingredient in the chili you're putting on a chili dog.

the lay enthusiast said...

This stand is a travesty. Nasty, overlarge dog, full of filler and that "cheap hot dog" taste. Even Ballparks are better, and they're bottom of the barrel.

Unfortunately you can't get Hebrew Nationals or Sabretts in Paris. The only option for a decent all-beef frank is roll-your-own with the (overpriced) links available at Panzer on rue des Rosiers.