Monday, September 20, 2010

Nobu at the Ritz Paris

Can't wait to try the Nobu ephemeral restaurant at the Hotel Ritz opening for one month only on October 11th!

(You heard it here four years or so ago ;)  )

FYI, It'll be in the Ritz Club space, which has apparently been all redecorated for the event (which may be more or less temporary, or lead to another more permanent place in Paris..)


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

A piece of advice: Don't go! Or do go and tell us what you think.

It's ridiculously expensive (165 Eur the menu, which would be fine if it was quality food but...) and REALLY not worth it. I mean, the sushi were so mediocre I couldn't even eat them, not to mention the service (pathetic) and the wine (including the horrible Ritz champagne). The rest was alright (nothing worth to remember though) but I've had much better meals elsewhere (Ebis, Guilo Guilo, Toyo, Kifune for the Japanese references) and WAY cheaper. Never going there again anyway. Let us now what you think if you go!


Adrian said...

I know quite a few people who have been, and that seems to be the general consensus...

Amy75 said...

Oh no! I'm going Thursday night.

Anonymous said...

Just got into bed after a meal at NOBU, awful service, terrible food, we left half of the plates with food on them, an INCREDIBLE disappointment. DONT BOTHER