Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Beef Club, Paris

I'm always up for a bright new establishment from my friends, the boyz behind the Experimental Cocktail Club, but with openings in Paris, London and New York, I seem to be losing track of their frenzied activity. I was very excited to drop in to their new steakhouse, on a quiet side street near the old Les Halles marketplace last week, and, despite a few teething problems, had a great time.

The restaurant , housed in a former butcher shop, serves Yorkshire born and bred beef from Tim Wilson, the man behind one of London's best steakhouses, The Hawksmoor. The meat is sent from Britain, aged a minimum of five weeks at the Beef Club's in house aging room, then prepared by media hungry butcher Yves Marie Le Bourdonnec, before being served up in an exposed brick dining room with wonky furniture.  The fillet of rum steak with side of macaroni and three (English) cheese was tasty (though lacking salt) and perfectly cooked in their special broiler, however after a one hour wait! The same laboriously slow service continued throughout the meal for water, wine, coffee and bill, but luckily we weren't in a hurry, and the (harried) waiter was friendly enough.

The downstairs club, the Ballroom serves up eight different cocktails (from 12-14€) in a funky subterranean speakeasy with loud music, and enough comfortable chairs and couches laying about to let the cocktails comfortably sink in, tummy full of meat.

58 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001
+33 9 52 52 89 34


Phillip said...

How were the prices? And did they have super thick (3-4cm and up) cuts available?

Phillip said...

Oh also, saw your F24 link. Small world, I'm in charge of their Internet goings on.

Adrian said...

cool. That show was fun. I was hoping to do a few projects with them afterwards, but no interest...too bad :(

Anonymous said...

I ate what I can say was certainly the best piece of steak I have had in Paris, chez Beef Club. Maybe because Yves himeslef was at our table but even the ex hard core vego in me wants to go back for more. Cafe Lomi coffee was good to see too.

eamonn315 said...

I have had speedier service than you "enjoyed" Adrian.
Loved the beef.
Price points are high but just worth it. I have certainly been charged mush more for much lower quality.
I spend most of my life in the 4th Arr. But my home is in PACA.
I will visit Y-M's boucherie in ave Victor Hugo to take home several orders of beef for my friends and one local resto that wants to give Tim's beef a try.

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