Saturday, June 09, 2007

La Pizzetta

Yet another resto lauded heavily by the Figaroscope, Le Fooding, et al. Attractive, minimalist dining room. Pleasant terrace. Packed to capacity at 12h45. OK pizzas (white pie with mushrrom cream, garlic, ham.. and a typical saumona) on an agreeable street near Montmartre, but the service ! True Slow Food! At the entrance waiting (already having reserved by phone..) 15 minutes before the first bonjour. Pizza arriving after nearly one hour after having been ordered. The bill coming nearly 20 minutes after being requested. Despite the patron being there, seems an amateur operation. I'd go back to Maria Luisa, Positano, or two or three other more professional and friendly places before coming back here. The one positive point were the waitresses evident and comely cleavages...Sorry no photos..


Chrisos said...

We had quite similar experiences, but I really like my pizza there!

Have you tried the bistro napolitain or Carmine?

Adrian said...

Did you see the hot cleavage too?

Anonymous said...

I do totally agree. Service there may be a nightmare. But the pizza are tasty and place more beautiful and design than in Carmine.

Chrisos said...

Franco-Italian, light hair? She was not wearing a décolleté when I was there, but she had "a charme certain"!

Chrisos said...

I've eaten an Enrico pizza at the bistro napolitain (16€), for lunch.
It's even better than the calzone that I had the time before
It's extra thin, super light, very tasty.
OK, it is not as original as the Pizetta, it is more expensive than Maria Luisa, and it it the 8th arrondissement, but I think that it is definitely the best pizza I have eaten in Paris for a while!
And the service is very professional and efficient!

Christophe said...

The calzone looks like a piece of charcoal. When are we meeting for a BBQ?

Chrisos said...

my photos suck, but it is a great pizza spot

Chrisos said...

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