Saturday, October 18, 2008

French Love - The New (Better) Mathis

This tiny bar de nuit located on the rue de Ponthieu just behind the Champs will be the place to go before you know it (and in another year or two for the international crowd when various Condé Nast style magazines catch on eventually...). Opened a couple weeks ago by the best elements of the Hotel Costes bar (including resident DJ!) , with the benediction of Jean-Louis. Great selection of fine spirits. Funky, undecided and downright bizarre (ghostly faces in the sous-sol) in spots décor. Eclectic crowd. Coolest fumoir in Paris. It's like a friendly, professional Mathis, riding on the nouveau speakeasy trend. What's not to like? Only downside - one toilet.

French Love
37, bis rue de Ponthieu, Paris
No telephone