Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Transversal at the 104

******* NEWSFLASH Patty the Cookie says that a new outpost of Tokyo Eat will open at the 104*********


Could the toujours not announced restaurant at Paris' new 104 art centre be another outpost of the TRANSVERSAL? They have a history of integrating cutting edge art houses (Vitry, Maison Rouge), and they are doing an event for the opening of SLICK at the 104 on October 23rd, so seems a natural progression. But we won't know for sure until 2009...


Anonymous said...

Dearest Adrian,

The answer is : Tokyo Eat.


Adrian said...

Moi pas comprendre...

Tripping More for Less said...

Hello, I will be staying near Bastille in March. Is the art center still the coolest and worth the time; any update on Tokyo Eats opening. (or other eats?) Thanks for the entertaining blog!

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