Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alain Ducasse

It's hard to say no when (arguably) the world's best chef invites you to test the cuisine of his flagship restaurant. Despite the fact that I'm very critical of all these super-chefs opening global franchises, microwave "gourmet" food and consult from everything from cruise ships to chips, Ducasse's gastro hit all the right notes. Good humored impeccable service (yes, they noticed I eat left handed), great wines (can't complain when you're plied by 2005 Riesling Grand Cru, 2004 Chablis, 2001 Chateauneuf-du-Pape and an insane Pineau des Charentes....

Patrick Jouin "exploded" chandelier

Live langoustines, soon to become...

...Formerly live langoustines ...topped with Iranian Oscietre caviar and accompanied by a ginger broth

Scallops with caramelized endives and black truffle

Line caught sea bass with "prébelle" green asparagus, peas and fevettes

Pithiviers game pie with (copious) black truffle, foie gras a Périgueux sauce

I've heard of truffled salads before, but this is ridiculous! A salad inside a package of shaved black truffle

Fresh forest picked strawberries with a coconut sablé and ice cream


Anonymous said...

The salad with shaved black truffle looks glorious. I hope it was good..

Louisa Chu said...

I've made that salad - in that kitchen - and it is wondrous. The truffle slices are stuck together with Manni Per Me.

The live langoustines are AMAZING.

Fifi Flowers said...

It all looks pretty yummy to moi!

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