Thursday, March 26, 2009


Shrimps from Mozambique with Korean mushrooms and a garlic sauce

Fresh seasonal asparagus with pan-fried foie gras and mustard leaves

Fillet of beef

Chevalier with pok choi

Olive oil cake with milk ice cream

The future next cult resto in Paris, Yam'Tcha, will no doubt figure in next week's Figaro (3 hearts I'm sure), Le Fooding, express, etc etc . Adeline Grattard, who worked with Yannick Aléno at the Hotel Scribe (pre-Meurice), Astrance and Bo Innovation in Hong Kong , does a subtle cuisine, somewhere between asia and France in a nice little space not far from the Louvre. For lunch, there is a 30€ meni, and in the evening there are 45€ discovery menus and 65€ tasting menus (5 dishes) . This evening, the menu consisted of an amuse bouche of soy with smoked tofu and coriander, shrimp with korean mushrooms and a garlic sauce, fresh , seasonal asparagus with pan-fried foie gras, filet of beef with some sort of asian eggplant, and an excellent olive oil infused cake with milk ice cream...The name means 'drink tea' and Adeline's husband proposes a number of different teas throughout the meal, prepared in three different infusions.

4 rue Sauval, 75001
+33 1 40 26 08 07


Anonymous said...

Adeline, in her "restaurant" Yam'Tcha, invite us to a extraordinary and inventive tasting travel between paris and Hong Kong. "Dim Sum", "foie gras poilé", "aubergine sautées", "raviolli de crevettes", biscuit "à la crême de lait" and... green tea, served in the pure tradition by Chiwa.

Adrian said...


Le Cookie Masqué said...

can't wait to taste it. She may be the first real barbot' disciple

Anonymous said...

Adeline is certainly a very promising Chef and it is obvious that she learnt a lot from Pascal Barbot. However, she also spent two years in China to learn all about Sim Sum and even though she remains very modest upon her knowledge about chinese cuisine, this gives her cuisine a very original and tasteful flavor.
She is certainly one of the most interresting upcoming restaurant in Paris. The tea experience is mighty interresting too.
Just don't go there with a pre established idea of the menu; Adeline and her husband will take great care of you, to organize something outstanding !

Adrian said...

Uhhhhh, anon, isn't that what I just said?