Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another food memory

Once upon a time in a little hick town in NW Pennsylvania, there existed a restaurant called the RED BULL INN. It remains one of my most poignant memories of when I was a child, and I always relished going there to eat. It was a small chain, and the theme was that of a Victorian eating house with buxom maids, pewter beer steins, and hearty food. The ambience was dark, and moody, and although kids loved the place for the crayons and toys, I was equally attracted to the ample cleavage on hand... I especially remember when my grandparents came to visit from Yorkshire, and we brought them there. My grandfather ordered the prime rib. And when the enormous piece of meat was served, he proceeded to cut it up for everyone seated at the table, as he'd never seen a piece of meat that size before, and thought it was to share for everyone!

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