Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aux Deux Amis

I normally avoid Oberkampf like the plague (horrible themed bars, invested by bobo wannabees, ie people who get out of bed without combing their hair thinking it's cool)  but, having been to the Le Fooding party la veille, I was looking for somewhere to lunch with my friend 'Tof that was simple and good and not too far from my shack. Aux Deux Amis (which was packed with hipster foodies- couldn't tell whether this was from Le Fooding's giving them the "best little luxury" prize, or if the restaurant was just plain popular) , really hit the spot. Old 50's-70's style café décor, great products, simply cooked and at 19.50€ for three courses, pretty hard to beat. For starters, I took a not very adventurous but very good lentil velouté while 'Tof tried the anchovies with ricotta cheese (excellent accords), we both had the onglet de boeuf (hangar steak) which was absolutely superb quality, accompanied by a decent risotto and Thiebault Jerusalem artichokes, and a dessert was a few slices of Manchego for moi and a fromage blanc for 'Tof, for which they served him ricotta (again!) by accident (it was good the first time, but not that good!). These boys apparently worked at Inaki's Chateaubriand for a few years, and teamed up with Mama (she never cracked a smile, even once..). Beware: slow and choppy service, and definitely book ahead of time. Apologies for the terrible quality iPhotos..

                                                    Ricotta and anchovies

                                                    Velouté de lentilles

                                                    Superb onglet de boeuf

                                                    Manchego Spanish cheese

Aux Deux Amis
45 rue Oberkampf, 75011
+33 1 58 30 38 13


Digs Inside & Out said...

HI ADRIAN! I love your are so perfectly snarky! I have been to several of your suggested etablishments while in Paris last, so thank you!

Anonymous said...

So everyone else were fooding reading hipsters, but you just happened to drop in there :)

That lefooding gave them such honors is further proof (if such proof is needed) that it is a worthless guide.

Paris Expert said...

Oberkampf and overhyped. Fun and full of people at lunch, good onglet, fine anchovy and ricotta (a third anchovy would have been nice), yes they are still serving these two in January, but come on... I can eat as well at my local caff (Les Descartes in the 5th - good steaks, real tartare, fine cheese board - it simply hasn't been foodinged).
Paris Expert

notcoolenough said...

If you haven't graduated your MBA of Coolitude just don't go there ; customers & staff are just SO cool ... and don't you bother complaining about bad service : you're just not cool enough & that way they can be sure you will never ever come back ...

Paris Bobo said...

We recently reviewed Aux Deux Amis and have only one regret: not living next door so it could be our local!

Ayaz Karali said...

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