Sunday, November 07, 2010

Philou - perfect neighborhood bistro

I just keep coming back to this place, and would even trek across town for their well turned out cooking. Yesterday's lunch confirmed once again my opinion that Philippe Damas' Philou is one of Paris' most perfect little bistros. Forest mushroom "clafoutis" with gizzards, tasty entrecote and roasted potatoes, turbot with a panoply of mushrooms, and just two snafus: the incredibly long service towards the end of the meal (granted, they were full and it was a new waitress, but she did spend 30 minutes cleaning glasses...) and the Montblanc , certainly not up to the level of the other dishes..but hard to complain when three courses comes to 25€...

Forest mushroom "clafoutis"
Entrecote with roast potatoes
Turbot with mushrooms
Disappointing Montblanc

12 avenue Richerand, 10th
+33 1 42 38 00 13


badaude said...

I haven't read you for ages. Quel mistake (though the montblanc looks deceptively good). Lovely posts.

Amy75 said...

Sounds and looks great, except for the gizzards. At least the montblanc looks good, or interesting at least.

Marilyn, la Californienne said...

To me, the forest mushroom savory clafoutis -- especially with gizzards -- sounds fabulous. I may have to make a stab at imitating that at home. Cool blog -- merci. Discovered you through "Lost in Cheeseland." Bonne semaine !

S Lloyd said...

Gad to hear that their food taste great. I am also impressed by the portions: generous. I'd forgive the Montblanc and any other flaws at that low price since the food sounds tasty

Erica said...

Yummm I will need to check this out when back in Paris. Enjoy the snow.