Thursday, November 24, 2011


Another "Why do I do this to myself" moment.

 In lieu of a review of the neo-bobo-Canalside-Indian, here are a few of my iPhone notes taken down during last night's dinner:

Lukewarm naan
Dishes come too quickly, definitely reheated.
More APC per square inch than an architect's office
Sneaking suspicion the basmati rice was that Uncle Ben's stuff you find on Monoprix shelves
Amy Winehouse on loop
Tired bobos with funky beards and vintage glasses desperately looking for the exotic
People tripping over the carpet every four seconds
Annoying and pervasive loud crowd murmur

I wanted to like it as it's in my hood, has a cozy deco and seems to be busy every night. But, as soon as I took in the ambiance and food I knew it was all going south...


rosemary said...

I don't know Marcel but you should tried Krishna Bhavan at La Chapelle.
No APC around (only where I am there) but only indians.

Adrian said...

Already been there a thousand times young lady. Tried Marcel because I wanted something new. Which almost always results in disappointment....

M said...
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M said...

If you want to try something outside of naan and dosas (because Indian food does have other options), try Chettinadu, also on Rue Cail. Spicy but great, especially if you're not afraid to eat with your hands. My personal favourite is the Fish thaali meal. Outside of my kitchen, the only place I recommend for Indian food in Paris.

Vanina Marsot said...

Thanks for saving me a trip. Pity. The chairs looked comfy.

Unknown said...

APC? (sorry if it's massively obvious)

Anonymous said...

Believe me the real good place for Indian food besides Krishna Bhavan is Saravanha Bhavan in rue du Faubourg St Denis at the level of Gare du Nord. Strictly veggie but no problem, Indian veggie food is great and they make delicious curries with chickpeas, potatoes, cauliflower, paneer. You ca find uttapam, dosai... like in India.
And it is true that apart from those places, indian food in paris is dreadful.
I always wonder what can actually happen in a kitchen to result in such awful curries. Great curry is not easy but a nice and hnoest curry cand be very easily done.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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