Sunday, March 04, 2007

Canal Saint Martin SKANK

Bet all those tourists on the Canauxrama cruise this afternoon got a great impression of Paris seeing the dozens of tents, makeshift housing, rabid dogs, pesky panhandlers and floating garbage lining the trendy, scenic canal. Bravo to whatever bleeding heart foundation that's behind this. All the local businesspeople thank you kindly for the sudden (and prolonged) 30-40 percent loss in business, and the local Sunday, canal-gazing families thank you for the vagrants pissing on every square meter of available ground surface. Particular kudos for the nearly vertical rise in the local illicit drug trade, violence in the trendy bars and cafés, and general panoramic eyesore.


Floating rubbish


Anonymous said...

Wow, is it really that bad? It's true that it's been weeks now that the problem should have been resolved... As for the garbage, I'm not sure it's those poor folks' fault... Parisian are generally super dirty and the whole canal and Seine are like that. It's not just there!
Tourists will now know that "Postcard Paris" has also its dark side...

Adrian said...

Well, it's a lot dirtier than before... and if you look closely, the second picture has a majority of cheap wine and beer bottles and cans...

Austen said...
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