Sunday, March 18, 2007


Open almost continuously since 1832, this Paris landmark restaurant, located in a quiet square not far, but still hidden from, the horrible Les Halles area, has recently reopened with the vision of Sylvain, formerly of the cult-luxe bistro L'Ami Louis. Using many of the same suppliers, Pharamond brings back quite a few bourgeois classics, such as their unbeatable Bouche a la Reine , or Vol au Vent, a perfectly conceived puff-pastry, filled with ris de veau, button mushrooms and a superb, earthy, salty sauce I couldn't get enough of. The Cote de Boeuf, weighing in at 1.2 kilos, was delicious, tender, and infused with the homemade butter it was cooked with. Also, the cellar is very interesting, with a lot of old bottles from Sylvain's personal collection. The private dining rooms on the third floor may be privatised starting from two people, for secret trysts, and assorted skullduggery.


Private Salon

Private Salon

Bouche a la Reine (Vol au Vent)

1.2 kilos of beef (before)

Cote de boeuf

Final result!


Marcia said...

Um, are those last two pictures reversed?

I don't eat in these restaurants and I've never been to Paris, but I am enjoying your blog; it's well written.

I left you a followup comment at the House and Garden blog about my own blog, but after visiting here I doubt you'd find much of interest in my Midwestern U.S. life and career. : )

I can't seem to attract much snark to my place; probably because I write about faith stuff.

You can't put me in a box, though.

Anyway. I'll be back.

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