Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poignant food memories

Eating wild strawberries, blackberries and blueberries handpicked from the Pennsylvania forrest. Raw hotdogs from next to the BBQ grill when my parents weren't looking, potatoes roasted on the grill in tin foil with parsley, leisurely walks to the local corner store on hot summers for fudgesicles or orange creamsicles , most of which ended up on my t-shirt, lobster with butter at the Red Bull Inn

cold beers on a terrace with packets of nuts tasting like sawdust...


Jamie said...

It's funny how the best food memories are always the simplest and most down to earth.

Custard Shoppe said...

stucky's steak salad + chili fries from bessemer. never tasted anything better or was it really that good or just the anticipation that dad created in the long long drive home.. waiting just for a taste

Adrian said...

Forgot about Stuckey's - that waas good...probably a McDo now..

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