Saturday, October 09, 2010

La Bulle

Great winter comfort food at one of my locals, La Bulle, at the crossroads of the quickly bobo-izing Louis Blanc 'hood in the hinterlands somewhere between the Canal Saint Martin and the rue Cail Sri Lankan quarter. On the (great value15€, two dish lunch) menu: delicious tagliatelli loaded with mushrooms and pancetta, pailleron de boeuf with a delicious wine sauce and dorade cooked in olive oil with homemade purée. The new chef, formerly Flora Mikula's right hand man seems to be heating things up in this corner of the 10eme 


Adrian said...

f off

Amy75 said...

Wow, looks great! And it's definitely time to start eating dishes like this. Getting chilly in Paris! Btw, I found a new Mexican place on rue Mouffetard -very, very average, like a Baja Fresh or something.