Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is hilarious (names withheld to protect the guilty):

The other night in an unnamed palace hotel, the tiny owner of a very popular Paris nightclub tried to get into a hotel bar. As the bar was closing and said person was drunk and belligerent, he was refused access. At which point he behaved like a little baby and started screaming about who he was- what he owned, who he knew , etc. Said hotel didn't really give a toss, because they are used to real stars, and real important people..

He still didn't get in and must've felt like those losers who can't get past the doorman in his own place.

So he did what any self-respecting little arty club owner would do when turned out like the trash.

He peed on the flowerpots in front of the hotel.

A real class act.


Digs Inside & Out said...

So damn funny! Merci for the afternoon laugh. He should be grateful you left out his name.

Anonymous said...

hmm...i think i might have an idea who this A?

Joufpoi said...

Michou !?